Vaxxinova US gains market rights to SRP cattle vaccine from Zoetis

Dec 16, 2020 – Wilmar, MN, USA

Vaxxinova US has acquired marketing rights from Zoetis for a vaccine against Salmonella in cattle.

Until now, the SRP Salmonella vaccine – the first USDA-licensed vaccine to use SRP technology – was manufactured by Vaxxinova US but marketed by Zoetis.

With the latest license acquisition, Vaxxinova US now owns the commercial rights to SRP Salmonella and will market the product under its new name, Vaxxon® SRP®.

Dr Larry Slinden, senior technical service vet in Vaxxinova’s US division, said: “At the end of the day, the only change is the name and the label. The same manufacturer, quality assurance and technical expertise are backing the product.”

Vaxxinova’s SRP vaccines are unique, as they use purified protein antigens to induce antibodies that recognize bacterial cell wall pores called siderophore receptors. Vaccines made from SRP proteins generate antibodies that block bacterial uptake of iron, which is a critical nutrient for bacterial survival.

Earlier this year, Vaxxinova introduced its Vaxxon® SRP® SE vaccine against Salmonella enteritidis in poultry to the US market. This was the first SRP vaccine to be brought to the US market since the acquisition of Epitopix.

More information on both the patented SRP® technique and the vaccines is available on the website of Vaxxinova US