Vaxxinova US Announces USDA Approval of Vaxxon® SRP® Pasteurella

March 15, 2021 – Wilmar, MN, USA

Vaxxinova US is announcing USDA approval of their new Vaxxon® SRP® Pasteurella vaccine.  Categorized by USDA as a Pasteurella Multocida Bacterial Extract, it is an effective, innovative and safe vaccine against fowl cholera in chickens.  Vaxxon SRP Pasteurella provides the industry a new category for long-term protection of broiler breeders and egg layers from this economically important disease.

The new vaccine was designed to build on the key benefits of both inactivated and live cholera products on the market today.  In efficacy studies, it demonstrated 100% protection against mortality following challenge with the classic USDA strain X-73.  No adverse reactions were observed in the field safety study conducted in broiler breeders and commercial egg layer operations.

“Vaxxon SRP Pasteurella uses innovative SRP technology.  The LPS or endotoxins are removed from the vaccine, and the key siderophore receptor proteins are used as immunogens, stimulating both cellular and humoral immune response for maximum protection,” according to Dr. Jim Sandstrom, Managing Director of Vaxxinova US.  “In addition, the removal of the LPS reduces the risk for adverse effects commonly observed with whole cell bacterins.”

Together with the previously approved Vaxxon SRP SE – Salmonella Enteritidis Bacterial Extract Vaccine, Vaxxon SRP Pasteurella adds to the portfolio of licensed poultry vaccines now available to the poultry industry to protect against these important poultry diseases.

More information on both the patented SRP® technique and the vaccines is available on the website of Vaxxinova US