Autogenous vaccines

Vaxxinova® is committed to disease prevention in livestock. We aim to provide a complete set of vaccines and diagnostic services, supported by our global R&D network. Next to licensed vaccines, Vaxxinova also provides autogenous vaccines for aqua, cattle, poultry and swine under the brand GOVAXX®. Autogenous vaccines are tailor made vaccines based on bacterial- or virus strain(s) from individual farms or from a specific geographical area. Vaxxinova’s worldwide network of highly qualified staff and sites, provides you with the optimal solution for your specific animal health problem. Please contact your local Vaxxinova representative for more information or visit the Vaxxinova websites:

Vaxxinova GmbH, Cuxhaven, Germany
Poultry and Swine autogenous vaccines

Vaxxinova US, Willmar, MN, USA
Newport Laboratories, Worthington, MN, USA
Poultry, Cattle and Swine autogenous vaccines

Vaxxinova Norway, Bergen, Norway
Aqua (cold water) autogenous vaccines

Vaxxinova, Vargem Grande Paulista, SP, Brazil
Aqua (tilapia) autogenous vaccines