Expert Talks: Dr Jean-Michel Répérant

For this serie of “Expert Talks” we were pleased to welcome Dr Jean-Michel Répérant to the round table discussion, in a panel with Vaxxinova colleagues from Brazil, Jordan, the Netherlands and Thailand. The topic: Coccidiosis in poultry.

Dr Jean-Michel Répérant is Doctor in parasitology. He heads the avian parasitology team at Ploufragran research laboratory (part of Anses) in Brittany, France.
Already since 1996 his research at Anses focuses on avian parasites, especially coccidia of the genus Eimeria.

From this wealth of experience we were allowed to gather further insights and knowledge on the topic of coccidiosis.

Do we have to worry about eimeria variants? As is often the case, this questioned cannot be answered straigth forward with yes or no! For the answers, listen to Dr Répérant and the Vaxxinova colleague in this Expert Talks video.

What is the real impact of both clinical and subclinical infections on performance?

This video will explain why the most important economical impact is caused by subclinical infection – although this is not always directly visible in the bird.

Coccidiosis in poultry; Expert Talks with JM Répérant

Meet the participants who will be starring in the series of videos on the topic of coccidiosis in poultry.